Dr. Gionis

…is a Physician and Attorney.

Dr. Gionis is a United States Fulbright Scholar in Law, former United States Fulbright PEER Review Committee Member (Global-Public Health), and has served as a two-time recipient as UCLA Visiting Scholar in Public Health, Division of Healthcare Management and Policy, UCLA School of Public Health. He has been recognized as being the youngest individual in the United States to be awarded the M.D. degree, having completed three and one-half years of college in one year, starting medical school at 17, and being awarded the M.D. degree at 21 years of age. Dr. Gionis is licensed to practice Medicine and Surgery in the States of California, Florida and New York. He also serves as President and Chairman of the Fulbright Academy of Law, Peace and Public Health, and its Institutional Review Board (www.Fulbrightacademylaw.org), as well as President and Chairman of the American Board or Medical Marijuana Physicians (www.ABMMP.com), the only national organization in the United States to recognize and certify physicians having knowledge and expertise in the field of cannabinoid and medical marijuana therapy.

Dr. Gionis completed his General Surgical Residency (5 Years) and Cardiovascular Surgery Fellowship (2 Years) at Tulane Medical Center- Charity Hospital (New Orleans) and his Research Fellowship in Emergency Medicine at Harvard University-Massachusetts  General  Hospital  (MGH),  Department  of  Emergency  Medicine Research (Boston). He taught Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)  at Harvard-MGH for over a decade, and received his ATLS Instructor Certificate from both Harvard-MGH and the Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Gionis is a former Member of the Board of Directors, American Board of Disaster Medicine, former Physician Board Examiner for the American Board of Disaster Medicine, and Fellow, International College of Surgeons; Fellow, American College of Legal Medicine.  Dr. Gionis is Board Certified by the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians, and is a current Fellow of the American Institute for Healthcare Quality,


Dr. Gionis’ clinical, research and academic teaching experience is well-recognized and identifies him as a leader and pioneer in medicine. Dr. Gionis holds 2 Doctorate and 4 Master’s Degrees. His M.D. was obtained from the Medical University of South Carolina, and his J.D. from the John Marshall Law School (Chicago, Cum Laude). Dr. Gionis’ Master’s degrees include a Master in Public Health (M.P.H., University of California, Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.); Master of Business Administration (M.B.A., Pepperdine University); Master in Healthcare Administration (M.H.A., Seton Hall University, Center for Public Service); and Master in Law (LL.M. St. Thomas University School of Law).

In addition, Dr. Gionis has well over 28 years of direct senior-level hospital, healthcare, and physician practice management, and a diverse experience throughout all fields of Medicine, Surgery and Healthcare Administration. He has served at all levels of senior healthcare management, with his expertise being primarily in the fields of healthcare quality assurance, outcomes management, and professional PEER Review analysis. Dr. Gionis developed the largest stem cell transplant private medical practice in the United States, where he served as both a Principal Investigator and Surgeon-in-Chief. Additionally, Dr. Gionis founded  the  American University of Sovereign Nations which represented the creation of the First-ever Medical School  and  First-ever  Master  of  Public  Health program to  be  developed  and  offered  on  Native  American  Sovereign  Tribal  Land – which was dedicated to improving the education, safety, health and welfare of Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples worldwide.

As an expert and consultant in the fields of health, health law and human research subject protections, Dr. Gionis has been a frequent invited Lecturer, for over a decade, in Bioethics, Health Law, Global and Public Health, Human Subject Protections, and International Law, at numerous international United Nations UNESCO seminars worldwide.