Sheila Stewart
Sheila Stewart

Has been referred to as a serial entrepreneur. She built her own international advertising agency from scratch with her only assets being $5,000 in savings, tenacity and her unwavering drive to succeed.

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99 Killer Business Speak

This book is an entrepreneur’s must read. Touted as 99 ways to kick butt and not only survive business situations, but a “how to” guide for thriving no matter what adversity you face.

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The Fun Bus of Life

Webinars, Podcast, Blog Talk Radio.
Start now by taking control of your marketing.
Not sure how this is possible when your business is unique? Marketers in the past have tried to convince small business .

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I love the Power - Injected Toolkit.It is easy to read,easy to understand and has provided me with the step-by-step system that i needed for my marketing. In fact,this program is one of the reasons i am still in business today.– Melissa Clapper - Health Essentials

I have been in business for 20-years, we had built our business based on word with more competition entering the market, we knew we needed to start a more formalized marketing program. The Power-Injected Toolkit was away for us to create a plan and start actively marketing.This was the right tool for us to get started.– Sherry Armstrong Award & Sign Company

This guide is filled with inspirational messages that will motivate and empower women to embrace their true greatness while maintaining balance in their lives.– Dr. John Gray, Author Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus Best-Selling Series.

This is more than a book, itís a guide and how-to manual to survive and thrive in any business venture. Sheila will infuse your mind with powerful strategies and will take you personally and professionally to the next level as the compels you to pursue your greatness.– Les Brown, Emmy-Award winner, author and one of the top 5 motivational speakers in the world.